Florida Rapper (Brave Da Pharoh) was born in Miami,Fl. The American Haitian rapper grew up in Naples,Florida with a creative,unique, and a distinct set of word play. His Flagrantly Pronunciation and Expression of his opinion through his music career  about the United States of American and it’s government system. He grew Up amongst gang members of all Zoe Pound,Folks,Crips,bloods,Latin kings,Black flag gang, and Los solidos his Lifestyle of growing up in the America Was very Unique! 

Born of Haitian descent Brave Da Pharoh’s Families struggles can only be defined as racism and hatred. Brave Da Pharoh is the cousin of famous Haitian soccer player. Brave began his early years creating a T-shirt which is formally known around the world (it was the image of a young boy with dreadlocks and Jamaican smoke coming up the side) and Writing music but nevertheless life must move forward. Brave Da Pharoh began skipping school to help his single mother with the kids at home. Brave Da Pharoh Knew that sports and school would not last due to the fact that he had to help his mother raise his brothers and sister, So He began selling Street Drug as his father severed a 17 year sentence in federal and state prison to bypass the time.







New Release 


Brave Da Pharoh Has released his new single "Paper”

Pharoh Entertainment has been working with Dash Five Star Studio out of Naples Florida also with Royalty and Respect Management Agency to record his new upcoming project

And also has a feature from Rockstarr music group song (Suzie Soprano) who signed by Platinum recording artist Trina and was also featured on Love & Hip Hop...... in the works!

Pharoh Entertainment has had Engineering Done by Grammy award-winning producer Kevin Anthony Carbo owner at the facility Studios In Naples,Fl...., Ugly Music Inc. , And Frost of Royalty and Respect Management Agency





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Brave da pharoh has features... #Split Image - First Impression EP

Off Da block Boyz - Red and blue album

Soulja World Inc.

Caper Record Inc. - compilation album

Lumpsum records

JumpOut Boyz.....


And more to come....


"Pharoh'z After Party" Ft Dj Ernzmoney

On every platform around the world including his new release "Can't Stop It"

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