Brave Da Pharoh was born in Jackson Memorial; Raised in Naples by a single haitian mother with 7 kids, Pharoh entered the street from the only place he could at home.  With his mother being a full time hustler and full time immigrant and his father being a Haitian musician and Guns Dealer who severed next 15 years Federal and State before getting deported from his family in 2005. Pharoh decide he would have to learn how to grow without much and hustled now he's create Pharoh Entertainment.

Brave Da Pharoh is a versatile South Florida rapper who satisfies all ears with his unique blend of rap and trance sounds that flows well enough to impress the audience. The hook in is music takes no time to plant itself firmly into the listener’s brain and excites them with its sparkling musicality. The artist has a flair for putting his diverse perspective on life to his new music and essentially mixes electronic music with rap and hip-hop to add a fresh touch to his songs. His recently released songs ‘Pharoh’z After Party’ and ‘Cant Stop It’ which comes from his label Pharoh Entertainmnet Inc/ DashBlackOut Records has a mix of every essential rap and hip-hop elements to let the listener groove endlessly. The entire record is well-curated and musically satisfies the listener with its stunning production format.”
Pham "what good in the bricks!"” - pharoh Entertainment

Brave Da Pharoh